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Many elements constantly remind us of the waterway world, and it is while strolling along the landscaped alleys or the quay sides that we discover anchors and boat lamps on house fronts, or weather-vanes sometimes representing a boat or a sailor, all the so many witnesses of the past of Saint-Mammès.

Saint Mammès and its quays 010. Saint Mammès and its quays

Upstream of the bridge you will find the "Quai de la Croix Blanche" (White Cross Quay), with its ancient castle, and downstream is the "Quai de Seine" (Quay of the Seine) and its shops. On its eastern border, we find the "Quai du Loing" (Quay of the Loing).

The lock 040. The lock

Located on the Loing river, the Saint-Mammès lock was built in 1724. It is an exception on the Loing canal as it has embanked walls and is not stone-faced.

Jousting games 050. Jousting games

Endowed with several centuries of life around the water, Saint-Mammès harbours some traditions of which the most famous remain the jousting games.

Fireworks 060. Fireworks

The mid-August fireworks will take place like every summer along the river Seine.

Small glossary of the mariners 070. Small glossary of the mariners

Enter the vocabulary of mariners …

ANNULE - Salon de Peinture
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Sunday 12 April 2020 de 10:00 à 12:30
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Sunday 19 April 2020 de 15:00 à 19:00

Maison des Loisirs et la Culture

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