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This little Saint-Mammès museum was mounted in 2006 and shows what barge life used to be like.

Batel’expo is a structured space - themed museum Skippers heritage that built the city and forged its history.

Located on the quay of the river Loing, near the “Bourse” (freight office ) car park, it presents old tools, various boat models and a montage concerning navigation, a reproduction of a barge’s bow, a barge marquee, models representing a couple of barge people.

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Maquette et outils
Model and tools
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Au macaron, dans la marquise
At the wheel in the marquee

Batel’expo was created on the river Loing’s quay to remind us of a time when the dock was the economic center of the city and was constantly animated, particularly through the freight office. The town also wants to perpetuate the profession’s memory.

The small museum can be visited during the Heritage Days in September or upon request from the Town Hall for groups.

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