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Church - Quai de Seine

It is the residential and commercial river Seine façade and it has undergone many transformations over the centuries.

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L’église de Saint-Mammès
The church of Saint-Mammès

The church, dedicated to a Cappadocian healer Saint Mammès, was probably built around the 10th century. It shelters a statue of the saint dating from the thirteenth century, a statue of a beautiful Madonna and Child (XIV century) and several tombstones from the thirteenth century.

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Le polissoir
The prehistoric polishing stone

Currently located near the parking lot of the church, a prehistoric polishing stone made of buff sandstone, was discovered at Saint-Mammès around 1890 at a place called "La bande à l’aise" (the band at ease) currently located “rue des Ecoles”. It was then transferred in 1923 onto the property of Mr. George LIORET, former mayor of Moret-sur-Loing. This is when it got broken into two pieces.
In April 2003, it returned to its original grounds. This polisher attests to a prehistoric occupation of our territory. It served our distant ancestors to repair their axes. With a weight of about 1.5 to 2 tons, the whole has a length of 1.70m and a width of 1.40m and a thickness of 0.45m to 0.65m.

Since the beginning of 1985, our commune initiated a local development policy focused on heritage rehabilitation. In 1990, the renovation of the town center led to the restoration of the church, its square and the rehabilitation of the Town Hall.

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Le quai de Seine
The quai de Seine

The implementation of the Marina, through a quality landscaped urban process, promoted Saint-Mammès to a real cosy living environment. This has also initiated a touristic movement, particularly with the pleasure boats.

The earliest souvenir of the waterway history in Saint Mammès can be found on the “Quai de Seine”. It is a door decorated with an anchor and initials LB, dated 1610. This attests to the presence of an ancient waterway activity in Saint-Mammès.

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