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Quai de la Croix Blanche

Located upstream from the bridge, this quay completes the Seine façade. It contains some testimonials the Saint Mammès’ history.

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Château de la Croix Blanche
The castle of the White Cross

The Castle of the White Cross is a modest turreted mansion of the seventeenth century. This building is surrounded by mysteries. We know very little about it, apart from a certain Marguerite ROGER also named Lady of the White Cross in 1672.

A mural of the eighteenth century was discovered in one of the rooms of the castle. It seems to represent Louis XIV.

A little further along the quay, an old inn preserves a wooden gallery in its courtyard, immortalized by the Impressionist painter Alfred Sisley in his painting called "Farmyard". The premises have hardly changed today.

Between 1880 and 1894, Sisley was often seen painting along the quays and riverbanks of the town. More than two hundred of his paintings feature a spot in Saint-Mammès, or were painted in the municipality.

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Cour de ferme
à Saint-Mammès (A. Sisley)
Farmyard in Saint-Mammès (A. Sisley)

The town has regularly been hit by dramatic floods. As evidence of these, many flood scales are scattered on the quays and in some streets of the town. View some pictures of flood heights in the town.

To monitor the level of the Loing and the Seine, according to the weather forecast: Surveillance des crues

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