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Marché dominical
Marché dominical
Le Jonor, quai du Loing
Le Jonor, quai du Loing
Le port du masque n’est plus obligatoire en extérieur / couvre-feu abrogé
Le port du masque n’est plus obligatoire en extérieur / couvre-feu abrogé
Saint-Mammès, quai de Seine
Saint-Mammès, quai de Seine
The lock

Located on the Loing river, the Saint-Mammès lock was built in 1724. It is an exception on the Loing canal as it has embanked walls and is not stone-faced.

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L’écluse au début du XXème siècle
The lock in the early twentieth century
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Ecluse avant réhabilitation
Lock before rehabilitation
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Ecluse après réhabilitation
Lock after rehabilitation

With a length of 30 meters, building started 1724 and it is extended by a dam. In 1890, it was enlarged to accommodate boats with a length of 38.50 meters. A reproduction of one of the mobile elements of the old dam was created to present its particular process. The principle was simple : these elements were side by side, allowing a dam to be formed, with a bridge above to cross over the canal or to enable lock keepers to manoeuver the panels. It is no longer in use, but remains an important element of our common waterway heritage.

In the context of its preservation, the municipal council decided to have it restored just as it was before. The main stages of reconstruction in the first half of 2013 were :
- Desilting of the airlock (between the two lock gates),
- Renovation of two existing lock doors,
- Recovery of sandstone pavements on the dock and the pier,
- Replacement of the existing lock path with a new one (width of 1.40 meters without projection)
- Building of a gatehouse identical to the original one (dressing with earthenware plates, covered by slate roof), facing the gatehouse located on the opposite bank of the Loing, which was also in use when the lock and dam existed.
- Installation of information panels relating the lock’s history, how it operated and generally the history of the Loing canal.

La guérite de l'éclusier The lock keeper's gatehouse L'écluse dans sa longueur The lock in its length Une porte de l'écluse One of the lock's doors L'écluse et le Jonor The lock and the barge "Le Jonor" L'écluse côté Moret sur Loing The lock on Moret sur Loing's side
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